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Credentialing for IM Professionals; A Perfect Match

The secure career path may be up in the air for some information management professionals while at the same time the search by HR professionals to recruit talent in information technology (IT) and records management fields is challenging. How do these two important seekers (information management professionals and HR recruiters) in the job market find each other?

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Member of the Week: Steve Weissman - ECM, Work/Life Balance, World Peace, and Information Professionals

Weissman: I’m an independent consultant who provides expert guidance and professional training in process and information management, advising and educating clients about working better and working better together , and deriving maximum total value from their enabling technologies

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New Information Management Certification

More than 20,000 professionals have attended the AIIM Certificate Programs covering various aspects of content, records and process management, and the certificate programs provide you with a thorough understanding of a specific topic. AIIM is now taking the bold step of introducing a new information management certification for IT and information professionals. Objective Information is an asset that can be used to change reality/innovate, add value, reduce risks, and improve efficiency, and the new certification will demonstrate to business and technology executives that information professionals know how to manage and leverage information as an asset in support of business objectives

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The CIP Applied: An AIIM Case Study

Here at AIIM we're making some technology changes that will improve many of the things we do and will allow us to do some new and very interesting things for our global community of information professionals. But as part of that process we ended up in a discussion I thought provided excellent insight into the value of the Certified Information Professional (CIP) certification

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