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Oh, the Humanity!

During my AIIM webinar last week on BPM and workflow, the conversation at one point turned toward how hard it can be to solicit information about how an organization’s business processes actually work. One of our attendees then wondered whether the issue often isn’t simply that people don’t want to be responsible for process design, and my mental gears started spinning

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No More Wait at the Bank

In the best case scenario, there are a plethora of forms to fill out, secondary documentation to provide, and days of processing time required

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Disposing of Electronic Records - It's About Time

Nearly all respondents (96%) had a pre-approval process for destruction of physical records stored off-site , and the majority (78%) applied a pre-approval process to physical records stored on-site

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Automation Should Get The Job Done And Be Defensible In Court

Instead, we are managing the process and the policies and enforcing their implementation...They have a clear document retention policy and schedule which outlines how long to keep certain documents, but the process is not followed

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Going Beyond Information

We shouldn’t be seeking to elevate the value of data, we should be seeking to add insight to the process...As ECM practitioners, one of our goals should be to build insight into the process of collecting, storing and distributing information

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