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Kick Start your ERM project with the Human Resources Department

Everyone from the janitor to the CIO of any company or organization has to go through similar things involving HR: Applying for a job Submitting to a background check Filling out tax and insurance forms Taking vacations Handling performance reviews ...

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Big Blue and the Social Revolution

Organizations often make three big mistakes when it comes to thinking about how to create a policy environment to govern employee interaction with social technologies. They react without thinking. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Far too often, when executives hear the term social...

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OCR to Better Business Processes

Take human resources for example. Think about the time it takes for your human resources department to correct an agreement, edit a manuscript, save a contract, or update a hiring pamphlet by recreating or re-typing an old document

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Thinking Consumers First – Usability Rules!

Luckily, we have a number of resources available to aid in evaluating the effectiveness of our E2.0 solutions including: Employee Surveys Usability and Human Factors Analysis Techniques, and Analytics and Telemetry Using this three-pronged approach allows for a mix of subjective and objectives measures to be collected that help provide a 360-degree view to understanding employee usage of E2.0 solutions

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