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Maximise SharePoint Value using the “Start Your Day” Game

Background I recently ran a very quick overview presentation (find it on SlideShare ) of Innovation Games to the East Anglia SharePoint User Group in the UK. The aim of the 1 hour session was to give a little insight into where SharePoint project challenges are and how, through...

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Who am I and why do I care about Enterprise 2.0?

This is a quick introduction about who am I and why I care about Enterprise 2.0. Below are a few questions to help you get to known me better. Q: What is your background? A: I have been working in the high-technology sector for over 20 years including stints in telecommunications...

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Social is a Feature of Software You Already Use In Your Enterprise

When the word “social” is used in a conversation with the average enterprise user about computing or software, it typically invokes two reactions. The first reaction is a feeling that social software is casual, silly, for kids, a waste of time, a loss of productivity. The...

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