Who am I and why do I care about Enterprise 2.0?

By Bert Sandie posted 04-20-2010 11:20


This is a quick introduction about who am I and why I care about Enterprise 2.0. Below are a few questions to help you get to known me better.

Q: What is your background?

A: I have been working in the high-technology sector for over 20 years including stints in telecommunications, digital media, and video games. My background started with a degree in computer science which helped fuel my passion for using technology to enhance communication and collaboration at an early age.

Q: What is your current role?

A: I work at Electronic Arts, Inc (you know “EA Sports – Its in the Game”) in the corporate Learning and Development group which is called EA University. My role involves wearing a number of hats that allow me to be involved in facilitation of strategic workshops, curriculum design and delivery, and Enterprise 2.0 evangelism.

Q: Tell me you made games?

A: In fact, I actually worked in game development for close to six years so I was fortunate to be included in the credits of games like NBA Live, NCAA March Madness, The Hulk, and Dark Summit to name a few. I learned a considerable amount about the need for collaboration techniques as our development models evolved into distributed development which requires new ways to work.

Q: What gets your excited about Enterprise 2.0?

A: My excitement for Enterprise 2.0 is driven by wanting to enable employees working in a highly creative industry to be collaborative, innovative and productive. In addition, I want to enable and empower employees to share, learn, connect, and grow their capabilities so they can continue to make world class entertainment for consumers to enjoy.

Q: What cool Enterprise 2.0 initiatives are happening at EA?

A: Over the past two years, we have launched an integrated system that combines enterprise wide social networking, knowledge sharing (i.e., EATube, articles, blogs), and communities of practice. What is most satisfying is all of the subject matter experts from across the company who contribute content on a regular basis.

Q: What books have you recently read?

A: To be honest, I read lots, but mostly blogs, articles, websites and magazines. That said, a couple of books that I have enjoyed in the past year are:

• Crowdsourcing – Jeff Howe

• Groundswell – Charlene Li and Josh Bernhoff

I learn a considerable amount from a group called the Adoption 2.0 Council which is a collection of leading Enterprise 2.0 practitioners across many fortune 500 companies.

Q: What keeps you up at tonight?

A: I am always thinking about how to collect the most critical and insightful information from the experts within our company and get it to everyone who needs it in a timely manner – this is simple to state, but very difficult to execute against. We have had some good success with disseminating information via a knowledge newsletter that is published every two weeks and sent to all employees. The challenge is that we have so much information across so many departments, teams, disciplines and roles that the newsletter is just addressing the tip of the iceberg. We have recently addressed this via communities which employees subscribe to get automated updates sent to them via email on the topics they are interested in.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A: Play video games of course…seriously, I like to spend considerable time racing around on my bike and running in the trails. If you want to connect with me, please find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

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