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There’s Metadata in those File Names

You could extend or amplify that with folders, but sadly they were also limited to 8 character names

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Document Naming Guidelines in the Private Sector

While there is a lot of freely available information online related to electronic document naming conventions, most (if not all) of these best practices and guidelines come from educational institutions, governments, records and information management organizations, and other non-profit/public sector institutions. Sadly missing are industry-specific document naming guidelines from established companies in the private/corporate sector, such as legal or accounting firms

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UnFUDding Cloud Content Management (a rant)

The article is nothing but FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) being spread by an on-premises content management provider (props for dropping Gartner, Forrester, and AIIM names though)...Or from file shares to whatever the hell you want to name? Migration sucks

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Metadata: a better way to help users find electronic records

You would simply enter the vendor name as a keyword and then search the full text of records for matching keywords...However, what if the vendor name includes a common term that appears in the contents of many other records?

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Is This The Right Time For My Business To Start Scanning Documents?

Think of Index Fields that accurately describe what the file contains like “Vendor Name”, “Invoice Number” and “Invoice Amount” for Accounts Payable or employee identifiers like “Name” Date of Birth” and “Employee ID Number” for Human Resources

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