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The reality of enterprise open source development

In this blog post, I talk about the reality of building open source enterprise software, at least talking from personal experience. Open source software is, at least from an engineering point of view, possibly the best way to develop software

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Increasing Retention Periods require Open Archiving Standards

As a result, they now understand the business value of open formats for long-term archiving. Since almost all of the leading vendors of electronic archiving solutions use a proprietary internal format, there is a clear need for open and sustainable long-term archiving solutions

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Be careful who you trust with your data !

The real solution, I believe, lies in enterprise open source software...Open source developers actually did all the documentation work and QA testing when they reverse engineered the format)

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Transparency: Two-Way Street or Two-Way Mirror?

Open discussions, clarity about process, elimination of closed door decision-making: these are the goals. Spending time in the world of open source ECM over the last couple of years taught me the value of showing one's work – brilliance and bugs alike. Openness is not just about providing a link to source code, but collaborative contributions to documentation, roadmaps, and exposing discussion to active participants and lurkers alike

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Why Large Enterprise and Global SharePoint Deployments Will Not Work in the Cloud

An enterprise SharePoint Server 2010 platform implemented in a Private Cloud, an environment internal to the organization with total control of its servers, permissions \ security, customization and deployment policies, and federation between line-of-business systems and various data sources is the only deployment platform global and large enterprise organization should focus on

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Does the Social Web Benefit any Organization? Absolutely - If they are Smart

If most business have a single central asset, they can benefit from refining the delivery of that asset to their respective customers / interactions with business partners delegating non-core functions to experts to allow them to maintain focus on their core processes Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing excel in helping businesses, regardless of size or vertical

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Is True Enterprise Search actually Possible?

You certainly get the opportunity to make available content from disparate sources, but can you consider that “enterprise&rdquo...And what happens if new “sources” are added?

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