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Roomba For Records

been pondering records custodianship in the realm of electronic records...the electronic records management be kept. With paper records, often...when the records creator leaves you are

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Tweeting for Records Management

presentation on Records Management and developments...of record management according to ISO...records management needs? Is it even relevant...Enterprise 2.0 and traditional Records Management

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The "recordness" of electronic records pt 1 - aggregation

tweets about saving tweets as records record, given that it's what the...less, was that "for me the record is...paraphrase Einstein , the record should be as

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Defining Success for Records Management

“healthy” records and compliance...assessments of records programs on a enterprise...three facets are the records management...records management programs to be fairly

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Disposing of Electronic Records - Survey Redux

prior to destruction or deletion of records...destruction of physical records stored off-site...-approval process for physical records stored on...of physical records were RM, Legal, Tax

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Disposing of Electronic Records - It's About Time

especially if the records are electronic. I'm...electronic records whose retention periods will...current practices for disposing of records...records stored off-site , and the majority (78

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Metadata: a better way to help users find electronic records

Helping users find electronic records...those records are stored on a shared drive...document and records management system (EDRMS...users can find electronic records, Traditionally, electronic records

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