Roomba For Records

By Jeffrey Lewis posted 07-26-2012 15:57


I have friends who don't enjoy vacuuming or don't enjoy this task and have instead invested in a Roomba.  The Roomba is made by iRobot and it is an autonoumous robotic vacuum.  Their moto is "Less chores. More life. That's the big idea behind iRobot cleaning robots. Our goal is to simplify your cleaning routine, giving you back more time in your day."

I've been pondering records custodianship and how in the realm of electronic records this process is so much easier as it is automated if the file plan is integrated with the electronic records management system.  When an employee leaves an organization, because of proper indexing you know exactly what they left behind and how long it needs to be kept.  With paper records, often when the records creator leaves you are left with a pile of paper and have no clue what it is and what the retention requirements are. 

You are probably how this all fits together.  The electronic records management system, is in essence Roomba for records. "Less risk. More compliance. That's the big idea behind going paperless and automating. The goal is to simplify your records process, giving you back more accessibility and efficiency." 

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