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What Is an Electronic Form?

Many of our clients express their need to manage electronic forms more effectively. But the scope of an electronic forms management effort can take many different paths

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A Quick Introduction to E-Forms

Here's a short and simple introduction to e-forms . I often use something like it to help clarify all the different types, use cases, applications, vendors, and products associated with electronic forms. If you don't do some basic disentangling at the beginning of an e-forms project, you're likely to have some very confusing conversations. A Quick Introduction to E-Forms from rmedinaslideshare #ScanningandCapture #Adobe #InfoPath #BusinessProcessManagement #electronicforms #e-forms #Livecycle #forms

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With All of This Data, What Must Be Retained as a Record?

paper) Hard-copy documents (paper, fiche) as output by an electronic system or received from third parties Hard-copy documents that have been annotated (electronically or manually) after creation Electronic documents generated or received in electronic form and saved only in electronic form – e.g., as an electronic report, spreadsheets, MS Word docs

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Are Digital Signatures legal?

” Digital signatures are the highest form of “electronic signature” and provide the best assurances to the signer and the recipient that the signature is trustworthy and legal

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