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What Is an Electronic Form?

to manage electronic forms more...effectively. But the scope of an electronic forms...“We need to get our forms under control...the different uses of forms, data capture

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A Quick Introduction to E-Forms

introduction to e-forms . I often use something...products associated with electronic forms. the beginning of an e-forms project...Introduction to E-Forms from rmedinaslideshare

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With All of This Data, What Must Be Retained as a Record?

received in electronic form and saved only in...electronic form – e.g., as an electronic...or similar content may be in both forms...electronic), the document/report in paper form

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Digital Signatures: Everything you want to know

Why a blog on digital signatures? Because you asked! Or to be more precise, because for years, AIIM members have turned out in large numbers to learn about digital signatures from AIIM webinars, seminars, and reports. Six hundred people registered for the last AIIM digital signature webinar in...

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