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Paper or Electronic Document Security?

In this age of email and file sharing, you would think most document security issues would be caused by breaches in an electronic document management system

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How to choose the right metrics for proving ROI of electronic records management

In a three-part post we will take a look at the vital role of metrics in monitoring the performance of your RM program and demonstrating the ROI of your electronic records management system. It has always been a challenge for records and information management (RIM) professionals to demonstrate the value of their work to an organization. Anyone who has been working in the field for long will be familiar with the refrain, "senior management does not understand why records management is important!" In recent years, the challenge of demonstrating the value of RM has been compounded by the emergence of electronic document and records management systems (EDRMS)

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Fraud and Abuse are Bad – But Disease and Death are Worse

A January 8 story in The New York Times shone a bright light on the perils of implementation for electronic health records. “The report was critical of the lack of guidelines around the widely used copy-and-past function…available in many of the largest EHR systems. The...

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With All of This Data, What Must Be Retained as a Record?

” Here is my non-legal (but experienced Records Management) perspective: The simple answer is that the final, complete or signed document that is evidence of a decision or transaction is the official record - and that is considered records management best practice

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What is a Record? The Old Rules No longer Apply

For many years Records Management has been built around records retention schedules, File Plans, Records Declaration, and so on

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The Information Media Continuum

The legacy information content recorded on paper media will never go away completely, and any records and information management plan that ignores this body of information content only does so by allowing redundant information retention systems – one for paper and one for electronic

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