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Tips for Increase Your Business Success

The business market is dependent on understanding and increasing, but active engagement is very important to draw the harvest. Discovering and fixing the issues that arise within and outside of the corporation is vital to uplift business productivity. If you are considering transform your...

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Up to £15 billion wasted looking for ‘lost’ documents at work

We all rely on our IT at work to get the job done, and there’s nothing more frustrating than when it just stops working or takes an eternity to carry out a simple request. But how much time do we actually waste dealing with issues that the technology throws up. At infoMENTUM ,...

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The sad state of modern word processors

Anyone working with medium to long documents will probably agree with me on this: the currently available word processors are a long cry from being usable. If, like me, you need to write technical documentation, you’ve probably tried a few different options and none really fit your needs....

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SharePoint - Documents and Records Management, Really?

Having worked with SharePoint for a while now, I often get asked if it is actually any good for proper document and records management, of course I always say "Yes", however this last time I was asked I decided to present a Virtual SUG meeting presentation which you cna view here to...

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Recommended Workflow for Large Format Scanning

So many times, we jump into the process because it seems so simple. Until you get into the groove and actually use the data, many of us don’t really understand our own needs. With the large format documents, there are the obvious steps and then there are those we tend to overlook. ...

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With more and more business-critical data arriving locked away in email attachments, businesses can’t afford not to automate the extraction process.

If you’ve been in business more than a few years, you remember the “old days.” Back then, important documents – invoices and applications, for example – came on paper, via the U.S. mail or courier. You opened an envelope, manually entered the information into...

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World Paperfree Day: Tweet Jam

World Paperfree Day: Tweet Jam Join us on October 27 from 11-12:30 EST for a tweet jam focused on decreasing (eliminating?) our reliance on paper. Allow me to elucidate. What’s a Tweet Jam Musicians jam together by riffing off of a common theme; playing off of each other...

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Redaction = ROI for Document Imaging Systems

In talking with a potential client last week, the client was interested in how ROI can be achieved and what other benefits can be realized through a document imaging system implementation. I used the example below of a typical paper-based information request (FOIA for government folks). AS...

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PG&E Update

Since my last post, the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has made several interesting rulings on PG&E’s inability to provide documentation and records on their in-ground gas transmission pipelines. These rulings have subsequently put PG&E between a rock and a hard spot....

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