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Enterprise File Sharing: Sharing? Yes. Enterprise? Not so much.

The enterprise file sharing market is crowded. Every day another new entrant wants to help companies share files in the cloud...File sharing makes it easy to share a document

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Is Shared Services Making a Comeback?

Is Shared Services for capture making a comeback?...Has anyone else noticed that the term Shared Services seems to be finding its way back into our capture vocabulary lately?

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Leveraging Capture Shared Services throughout the Organization

I just got back from visiting with a couple large EMC customers, and one topic we discussed was the concept of building a shared services model to support their use of document capture

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Paperfree Day: Tweet jam to share ideas

Simple really: we want everyone to share ideas about how to become more efficient as a business while removing environmentally harmful paper

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Are you doing enough to stop document leaks?

Unsafe document sharing can result in failures to meet contractual or regulatory obligations due to the loss of information entrusted by partners or other stakeholders. Ironically, a document paradox exists -- the most confidential documents tend to be shared most. The lifeblood of any business depends on trust and sharing information with strategic partners, board members, auditors, consultants, M&A bidders, regulatory authorities and the like

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Document Naming Guidelines in the Private Sector

Does anyone know of private sector companies who do share their document naming guidelines online? Or, would anyone from the AIIM Communities here be willing to share their own company's practices?

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8 Things - Your Thoughts Wanted

After a hiatus of a few years; we’re re-launching “8 Things” on the theory that we all get smarter – faster – when we share. The knowledge in the AIIM community is tremendous and far-ranging, capturing that knowledge and then sharing it with your peers will help us all learn how to better manage our content so that it can be used more effectively for our businesses

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Trends Towards Higher Resolution Scanning

To understand these trends and to develop our hypothesis for the future of document scanning we must evaluate what inhibited the sharing of large files in the early days of file sharing. While the ability to share audio, video and document images has been around a long time, this sharing was limited due to some rather common factors

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