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Enterprise File Sharing: Sharing? Yes. Enterprise? Not so much.

The enterprise file sharing market help companies share files in Sharing helps teams pass information...move up from file sharing? Let's get...create new versions, share with others, store

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Secure, efficient document sharing: Finally a reality?

Document sharing is the lifeblood...Thus, they must be shared securely as...truly private, efficient document sharing...simple to share information securely &hellip...course, not all hard copy document sharing

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Leveraging Capture Shared Services throughout the Organization

discussed was the concept of building a shared...shared services model for capture. For some...organizations, to get to a shared services, and from a logistical shared services

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Is Shared Services Making a Comeback?

Is Shared Services for capture making...anyone else noticed that the term me that the Shared Services concept...of the entire company. Shared Services...Shared Services for Capture provides many

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Why I don't need SharePoint

demands to once including file sharing...sharing solution, which includes workflows...that my file sharing needs are often quite...share . Also, some content producers are...shared network storage, basically a disk

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Come to the AIIM Reunion

and an important way to share and lock in...share the issues we are confronting. In...speakers shared broad industry insights on

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Is Document Security Preventing You From Going Green?

and companies hesitant to share? It could...needs to share certain reports with 1,000...confidential sharing of important or sensitive

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