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Capture Goes Mobile

So what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of mobile capture?...The next major wave in document capture will be the pervasive adoption of mobile phones for document capture

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Behind every successful Process lies a prudent Capture

In short, it commences with the capture of information. Filling an application is probably the father of all capture methodologies. Even with the paradigm shift from pen & paper forms to GUI data entry, forms have been the leaders in information capture. Yet, under the prevailing perception of information management, capture is either scanning or scanning using Bar-codes, OCR, ICR, etc

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Capture Forms on your iPad? As Steve Jobs Says, “BOOM!”

The iPad is the perfect device to help eliminate paper, capture information, streamline your electronic forms, and look cool while doing it...Now, look at your own organization and the capture scenarios you face

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How to Do Mobile Capture without Making the Mistakes We Learned to Avoid 10 Years Ago

Mobile capture is different from centralized capture in two ways: an easy way and a challenging way. The easy way is that mobile capture is very similar to capture with MFP devices, in that both are radically distributed capture . Radically distributed capture, as opposed to moderately distributed workgroup capture, has been around for 10 years

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Centralized or Distributed Scanning?

There are benefits of centralizing your scanning in Scanning Hubs or Centers with dedicated staff and advanced capture software, but there are also benefits of going for distributed scanning by users using MFPs or scanning stations. Our capture research from last year identifying the most common benefits and issues with centralized, distributed and outsourced capture; Below are some questions to help you identify the best solution for you; Location of paper documents Necessary access to files during conversion Necessary document preparation Necessary quality control Necessary metadata or data extraction Necessary security Etc How do you determine the best solution?

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MFPs and Process Automation…the Perfect Marriage

That’s why any enterprise capture platform must have an MFP component that provides the ability to centrally discover, manage and monitor a distributed fleet of MFPs

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