Capture Forms on your iPad? As Steve Jobs Says, “BOOM!”

By Daniel O'Leary posted 09-09-2010 15:30



Hello fellow Apple lover! Tired of using your iPad for marathon session of Angry Birds and streaming Netflix? Are you ready to put it to work? The iPad is the perfect device to help eliminate paper, capture information, streamline your electronic forms, and look cool while doing it.

A few months ago, I was at the dentist for my regular checkup, and had to update some of my paperwork. After 15 minutes of painstakingly filling out paper forms, I handed back the clipboard to the office manager, who spent another 15 minutes sitting and typing my information back into their patient system. There is nothing like using a $5 clipboard to fill out forms before taking an X-Ray on a $95,000 machine. We’ve all been there right?

Now, look at your own organization and the capture scenarios you face. In terms of forms, how many could you replace with not only eForms, but with your iPad? They have Wi-Fi and 3g, weigh less than 2 pounds, and cost less than a laptop. For scenarios like patients or client intake, field reps, attorneys, or battlefield commanders, the iPad allows us to capture information and extend the functionality of this incredible device.

So based on my unpleasant experience, what we wanted to build was an application that guides a user through filling out forms and capturing data, integrates with a ton of different repositories and systems, collects payment and digital signatures, and “just works” so that anyone could use it. The result of this dream is called LincDoc mobile, and is available for free today in the app store. You can download it today for your iPad. You can also check out Zosh, which allows you do something similar on your iPhone.  

In the new reality when you walk into your doctor’s office, you are handed an iPad or walk to a kiosk, spend 2 minutes being walked through a dynamic eForm that captures all of your information and your signature, and then transmits the data to an EMR system, puts a copy of the form in your SharePoint repository, and e-mails you a PDF copy.  BOOM Indeed!

Mobile capture on your iPad is happening now, and it’s amazing.

So community, do you have an iPad? Love Apple? Hate Apple? (aww sad). 

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