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China Further Expands Reach of Data Localization Law to Multinationals

” [1] The definition of a CIIO in the Law is ambiguous and described as public-facing entities that maintain “critical information infrastructure that if destroyed, losing function or leaking data might seriously endanger national security, national welfare and the people’s livelihood…” Examples of the sectors subject to this definition include businesses operating in public communications and information services, power, traffic, water, etc., which may very well implicate multinational corporations (Multinationals). On April 11, 2017, the Cyberspace Administration of China released the draft Measures for Security Assessment of Outbound Transmission of Personal Information and Important Data (Draft Measures)

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The Challenge of Cloud – Data Privacy Moving to the cloud has tremendous potential, cost savings, achieving ubiquitous access, and the list goes on. There are concerns and we hear them every day, that put organizations on the fence. One of the primary concerns is data privacy issues. We have a...

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Upcoming Changes in International Data Retention Legislation

For companies that operate in international jurisdictions, it is vital to stay up-to-date on legislative actions that affect data retention policies and compliance. This allows companies to make internal adjustments as necessary and to avoid costly sanctions and other harmful penalties for non...

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