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Cost Of Error In Data Capture

I am constantly reminded in working with clients doing data capture that the cost of error is not well understood or dealt with effectively. For example, in one case, a single letter error on a stock certificate (which only costs about a penny to capture correctly) actually cost an organization...

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Making Records Management a Part of the Solution

Well this will be a bit of a departure for me as I will only be using the word SharePoint a few times, and only in this paragraph. Recently, my adventures in SharePoint Governance have taken me deep into the dark, windowless, subterranean world of Records Management and I have not only been...

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Information Is Currency

If you follow me on Twitter, which you probably don't since I don't even need all my toes and fingers to count me follower you know my twitter handle is info currency which is another way of saying information currency. When we typically think of currency we think of money, time,...

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Is there an ROI in Your Cloud Strategy?

Is a cloud-based collaboration system in your strategy but those pesky accounting people want an ROI study? A content information management (CIM) system may be more difficult to calculate the ROI due to a number of factors: Many CIM systems being purchased are departmental systems...

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Business Case War Story – AGAIN

I continue to be amazed that clients try to create a business case for a major, multi-million dollar project request at the eleventh hour. How can business and IT managers be so naïve? They know a business case is required. They know they are competing with other projects for limited...

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ROI for E2.0 – Money Talks

Recently there have been a number of blogs and articles written on the Return on Investment (ROI) for Enterprise 2.0 (E2.0) solutions as these systems have gained popularity and a foothold in companies. In this day and age, executives and key stakeholders will care about three attributes which...

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Slash E2.0 Management Costs - Be like an LDAP Service

Corporate LDAP services should serve as a reference for E2.0 deployments. For better or worse, many E2.0 technologies are quick to install, configure and deploy. This often leads to multiple instances of similar technologies, with varying degrees of maturity, being deployed in pockets across...

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Global and Proper Information Management in Reach

Now, more than ever, AIIM’s goals of global and proper information management are within reach! For over 60 years, AIIM has been the leading association focused on helping professionals understand the challenges of information management. Originally known as the National Microfilm...

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