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Stealing Your Content for Fame and Fortune

But we don’t talk about how to use ECRM technologies to protect sensitive information...In both cases, the information was made easier to access through the use of various content management technologies

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Occupy IT: John Mancini Peers Behind the Fire Curtain

We don't need information professionals to tend to these organizational knowledge gardens...This is no great mystery because free information results in staggering profits for the owners

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RIM to drive up the value of Time Capsules?

For as much as good RIM is about retaining information to meet compliance obligations, to facilitate productivity and to generate competitive advantage, it’s also about disposing of records, non-records and other transitory bits and bytes in a timely manner to reduce risk, free up storage space and keep people from having to trip over it on their search for information of value

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Pricing Models and What Drives The Decision

Large companies tend to be averse to any information that resides outside of their firewall, despite great studies about the security of the cloud like this one

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