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Make Content Consumption Social To Deliver More Organizational Value

The authors of the whitepaper discuss the organizational impact of increasing numbers of downloads and the corresponding increase in content ratings: The parallel growth of downloads and ratings means that the learners are doing more than simply consuming knowledge; they are actively engaging in the knowledge publication process by rating a SME’s (subject matter expert’s) knowledge and ability to convey that knowledge to the community at large. When your organization has only a transactional knowledge sharing model, consumption of the content is the end state

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Content Chaos - All organizations suffer from it, but what do you do?

Content Chaos – all organizations have it...For many years, organizations have neglected their information assets, particularly those that live in email, documents and rich media

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Design Systems: managing the complexities of customer experiences

Join us on 28 September, at 14:00 CET, to learn from experts why organizations need Design Systems and how to use and maintain them to create recognizable customer experiences. About the webinar When building digital products at scale, organizations struggle to keep experiences consistent and coherent

 09-28-2021 | 14:00 - 15:00 CET

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New Grocery in town! Why you should care

The first was double-sided printing, and the second was content organization based on use case...What the store had taken on was a new trend of content organization that I have used with all my recent clients

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How Do Your Content Management Practices Measure Up?

In 2005 and 2009 Earley & Associates conducted surveys to designed to understand how organizations understood and applied metadata to content assets and what business benefits they were realizing. The results of the 2009 survey indicated that organizations that are more mature in metadata and taxonomy best practices outperform less mature organizations, with more mature organizations reporting fewerfindability and content management problems

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