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Social Media and e-Discovery Solutions to Look for

Tweets and information from Facebook for example can be collected by the solution based on queries or account information and preserved in a eDiscovery data repository...So, many solutions for a new problem that you cannot ignore!

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8 Things to Consider when Migrating SharePoint Solutions to Office 365

At both of these companies, Mike led Content Management teams in the development of solutions for a wide variety of clients...Many organizations are contemplating the migration of some or all of their SharePoint on-premise solutions to Office 365

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How can OCR Connect with Cloud Computing to Provide You With a Better Solution?

Whether it’s using mobile capture as a marketing tool to communicate better with end users or as a workgroup solution where individuals can start the data capture process from their smart phone, nearly every enterprise in the future can be using OCR within applications to address the challenge of capturing information accurately and swiftly

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Balancing user productivity & enterprise control

Today, an enterprise-class content cloud solution enables you to do both, “enterprise class” being the operative word here

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Going paperless: Cloud-based document management, or enterprise EDMS?

These include: Is the paperless office solution configurable?...Does the paperless workflow in the solution interface well with your workflow?...Is the paperless office solution scalable?

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Resetting SharePoint Expectations Event Summary (Part 2)

Quentin: Getting hundreds or thousands of people using your solution is no small task. 1...Involve your users with your solution design and implementation...One team owns OneDrive solutions

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Solving the Challenges of Records Retention in the Cloud

Make Sure the Cloud Solution Supports Your Needs for Retention and Disposition Even the best records retention policies are of no value without effective tools and procedures to carry them out. This is where a great deal of diligence is required in the selection of a provider or solution for cloud records storage. For example, how does the solution support an event-driven retention policy, in which a business event "starts the clock" on a specific retention period? Knowing if – and how – the solution supports these retention scenarios is essential

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