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Security and the Cloud - Still an Issue?

I was at a cloud conference last week and “security” was again a top issue for both attendees and developers

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Silver Lining Security: Keeping Your Cloud Data Safe

It relieves organizations of the risks involved with storage and security of paper or microfilm documents, yet it is often forgotten that there are security steps which need to be taken after documents and data have been shifted to the Cloud

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Approaching Security and Privacy in Mobile-Empowered Businesses in Australia

However, businesses should approach this trend strategically, primarily because of possible issues related to security and privacy...Quite expectedly, too many privacy and security risks could arise from inability to control corporate data flow

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eMail Security in the Cloud – are you afraid (I am)?

The second insight showed that the principal obstacles to moving to the cloud remain the same: availability, security and data loss. In regards to security, 80% of organizations were not considering a move to Office 365 because of the security issue and vulnerability of eMail in the cloud

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How Cloud Is Shaping The Future Of Public Sector IT Security

But 67% of the officials did not move ahead on the proposal due to one reason – security. IT security is one of the growing concerns among public sector companies

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Capture: The ideal application for Cloud

I’m sure there are many legitimate concerns and issues but I would like to focus on the concern of security for the purpose of this blog post...What is debated, and is a reasonable discussion, is the viability of "the cloud" from a security standpoint

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Balancing user productivity & enterprise control

These are facts and they are little shocking: · 45% of the content people need to do their jobs is pulled out of your systems of record and worked on independently – outside your security controls

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It’s 2012 – Prepare for the Cloud!

Plan for Security . Simply put, security is most likely better in a cloud application than it is at your office but many people have a difficult time believing that cloud security is up to the task. Passwords can be applied to both folders and files, strong passwords can be enforced, users can be designated as view or edit – in other words, CIM security is equal to your security in most cases

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