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Predictions for ECM in 2014

One of the best parts of participating in the Executive Leadership Council (ELC) sessions is the opportunity to discuss big ideas and, let's be honest -- to also dig into rumor and speculation about what we'll see in the near (and distant) future from the major platform and OEM players that make up the backbone of the ECM space

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ECM, BPM, and the Cloud: First Things First!

” As I have said and written many times before, it is awfully hard to implement a system that meets your needs without first having defined what they are!

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Defining Cloud Information Management (CIM) Systems

Are you looking into cloud information management (CIM) systems and getting confused?...This type of site may be viewed as a light-weight document management system and may also offer integration with other applications via an API

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ECM Isn't Delivering

Clients have been listening to those of us who make our livings by “doing ECM” for far too long...ECM was a good idea at the time...Because, SP is our ECM pillar...The above snippet is an example of ECM gone wrong

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Is SharePoint Online ‘Full ECM in the Cloud’?

SharePoint – some people love it, some hate it and some deny it is even real enterprise content management (ECM)...So, can SharePoint deliver full ECM in the Cloud?

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