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Predictions for ECM in 2014

players that make up the backbone of the ECM...-- and even those systems and users and...issues of hybrid systems will ensure the word...using these systems, and designing the user

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How SOPA Threatens ECM - and the Internet

operating systems handle this translation. SOPA...from the internet. For ECM cloud vendors...that competed with some ECM cloud vendors...#sharepoint #ECM #iCloud #amazon

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Cloud Computing and ECM, 5 things you need to know

downtime for on-premise ECM systems, especially...end user of a ton of cloud systems, so I...migrating to a new system might not be a good...ECM solution. Most customers I speak with

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Crossing the ECM/Capture Chasm – ‘This is the Renaissance’

one of the most popular ECM systems in it relates to Capture and ECM moving...fact, can be quite good. For example, (or Systems of Record 2 ) have a long

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ECM, BPM, and the Cloud: First Things First!

awfully hard to implement a system that meets...system that does less to further your...start. As with internally based systems, you...#cloud #BPM #ContentManagement #ECM

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Is SharePoint Online ‘Full ECM in the Cloud’?

enterprise content management (ECM). It really...for all ECM conversations, and with the...pointed. So, can SharePoint deliver full ECM...ECM solution, intranet, corporate portal

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How ECM Clouds Are Different from Generic Clouds

limitations to the specific ECM market. In some...what about the ECM-specific cloud market...offer a variety of ECM functionality in the...specific to ECM, but do they have the ability

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