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Can't we place a limit on terms?

It’s gotta be six months since I last railed against the endless debates over vernacular (see my post on January 6 ), but wouldn’t you know? Here comes another new bit of jargon guaranteed to obfuscate and confuse, necessitating another rant. The offending phrase this time...

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Dan’s Info 360 Conference Recap- Let’s talk cloud, legacy vendors, conference cough, and the future of eForms and apps

How is the recovery going for everyone after the Info 360 conference? It was awesome to meet many of you in person, and to catch up with old friends. Note – the rumors of industry revolution and overthrow are only slightly exaggerated. To recap this crazy event, I felt like a...

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Transparency: Two-Way Street or Two-Way Mirror?

Organizations large and small are still struggling to find the right balance between traditional (often hierarchical) ways of working and newer (often collaborative) business practices. When the two cultures clash, the results can be frustrating. Working with clients in both private and public...

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