Dan’s Info 360 Conference Recap- Let’s talk cloud, legacy vendors, conference cough, and the future of eForms and apps

By Daniel O'Leary posted 03-29-2011 11:46


How is the recovery going for everyone after the Info 360 conference? It was awesome to meet many of you in person, and to catch up with old friends. Note – the rumors of industry revolution and overthrow are only slightly exaggerated. To recap this crazy event, I felt like a conversational video was more fun than another lengthy article. The entire LincWare team had a great time, and people were blow away by the LincDoc Mobile application. 

In this video blog, I recap the conference, talk about some of the interesting vendors from the show, point out the 800 pound gorilla; SharePoint, discuss Laserfiche &, and we play buzzword bingo! YAY! Everyone loves Bingo. I also spend some time on why agility and adoption are the new ROI metrics in the ECM industry.

So pull up a chair, GO HD, leave a comment, and enjoy.

UPDATE: Super ECM consultant Cheryl McKinnon has her own observations over at her blog , Ron Miller drops his thoughts on the industry changes, and Chris Riley puts in his two cents. Thanks Shad for the tip!

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