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Partners ARE your Scaling Factor

make a decision. To Partner or Not to...Partner? There is No Wrong Answer Not...every business is designed to be partner...oriented or partner friendly. However, if decide to go The Partner Route

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Business Critical SharePoint

it is intended for Microsoft partners...ago at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner...of partners. The first pass or...functions. Interestingly, a number of partners

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Social, it's in Microsoft's DNA

benefit shared by all -- including partners...93000+ partners 65000+ customers. I also...anywhere from $6 to $9 for partners and SIs and the vendor cultivates these

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Immediately Stop Using Tape for Archiving

This post explains how to break the tape habit. We’re surprised at how many organizations use backup tapes as archives, to ensure that they are living up to their regulatory compliance and legal “duty to preserve” obligations. Your organization may be one of them. But this...

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