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Going Digital

A short entry for this week: As a continuation of the “going digital” discussion – it is advantageous to work toward a scenario in which not only internal business processes are converted to digital record-keeping environments whenever possible, but in which information received by the organization from third parties (service providers, partners, customers) - is received digitally as well. This typically requires that contracts with third parties service providers stipulate the provision of trustworthy digital rather than hard-copy records – unless there is a specific requirement to receive and/or retain hard copy. The receipt of electronic records – in lieu of paper - enables the quick incorporation of records received from outside parties into an organization’s digital records system, without having to first digitize received paper

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…and If Elected

Sadder still, if I put my campaign hat on is the fact that the facility will be storing documents that were born digital

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SharePoint and Paper Belong Together

SharePoint doesn't care if this information was " born digital " or created in the traditional paper based world. When that information is “born” in a paper based format SharePoint needs a little help to get the information from “ Paper to Digital ” format

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