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The changing role of managers in the collaborative organisation

One of the most important pieces of advice that I give when I'm talking to organisations about how to build a collaborative culture, is to avoid underestimating the power of middle management when it comes to potential risks to your collaboration adoption strategy. I touched on this in my post ...

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Managing Organizational Change in a SharePoint ECM Project

By involving the end users that will have the most interaction with the new system, early buy-in can be generated and your champions will emerge from these teams

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Best practices for client and vendor interactions

When collaborating with vendors, make sure they buy into your organization goals, especially if the technology implementation is aligned with business processes, which is common in the sphere of ECM. 2.Have a kick off meeting It’s really important for everyone to learn each other’s names and establish individual roles

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The Fundamentals of a Successful Records and Information Management Strategy (Part 2)

Guideline 3 - Get Management Buy-In This doesn't need to be the CEO(although that helps) but whoever is at the top of the food chain for wherever you are deploying ECM needs to be aware and onside with the program

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