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Governance, Reporting and Compliance Considerations as SharePoint Becomes More Social

As organizations increasingly look toward social technologies to improve the user experience within enterprise collaboration management (ECM) platforms, we need to not forgot one of the primary reasons we have these ECM platforms in the first place: their document-centric capabilities with role...

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When Managing Your Content, Don't Forget the Data

Today I’m going to talk about an overlooked part of the Content Management picture, data. I know that this seems a little strange but bear with me. Let’s assume for a moment that you are in a regulated industry or that you are generally paranoid. (Most regulated industries are...

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The Adjacent Possibilities of SharePoint 2010

In a recent issue of Wired Magazine Kevin Kelly and Steven Johnson ruminate on Where Ideas Come From with a knowing glance towards the arc of innovation -- especially factors pushing on the cultural shifts needed to catch up to ideas ahead of their time -- trajectories triggering the...

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