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How to get people to feedback and approve a document stored in SharePoint

If you have ever written a document, saved it to SharePoint and then needed certain people on your team to review it and provide comprehensive feedback, then please read on. This post will illustrate just how easy it is to do this using nothing more than SharePoint, DocRead and DocSurvey. ...

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Deletion Approval Process

Over the past nine months I have had the pleasure of participating on a team that is evaluating several CM applications in an effort to replace our organization’s legacy system. This process has been very educational and enlightening. As a CIP, CRM and long-time records manager I...

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Don’t Over Formalize

We recently had a close encounter with an Approval Workflow. We started out in our current SharePoint ECM project with a requirement that “ some reports be routed for a supervisor or subject matter expert review .” We control this routing from a related list of people and facilities...

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