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Herausforderung für das Scannen in der Cloud: Amazon Textract

Eigentlich ist es ja nur eine API und ein Dienst in der Cloud, der aus Amazons weitem Portfolio neuer Entwicklungen stammt. Es geht um die Texterkennung aus gescannten Dokumenten. Bisher ein klassisches Geschäft für Inhouse-Lösungen und Dienstleister. Nun kommt Amazon mit einer Lösung in der...

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Answering Question on Metadata Vs. Big Data and Sharing Helpful Resources

Once again, I want to say you thank you so much for choosing to attend my session. You were a great audience and I am sorry about going over and not having a chance to answer everyone's questions. Below are answers to questions from the app as well as the sources I referenced: ...

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Crossing the ECM/Capture Chasm – ‘This is the Renaissance’

Marc Benioff , CEO, has been famously quoted on his opinion of cloud computing in terms of saturation-point, as well as technology innovation, for a viable business model. “This is the heyday of the Cloud. This is the Renaissance. We are in the Great Time. ” ...

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How SOPA Threatens ECM - and the Internet

It’s been a week since Wikipedia shut down to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Originally expected to sail through rapid approval in Congress, the subsequent lobbying efforts on the part of Google and internet users everywhere appears to have gotten the attention of the Obama...

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