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Strategic IT Project Planning: An Impressive Example

I’ve been learning a lot about the agile project management methodology lately, and it certainly seems like a useful approach for ensuring collaboration, accountability and results. Unlike the waterfall approach , which stresses strict adherence to project plans, the agile method focuses primarily on adjusting to iterative change once a project is underway

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How should a “Perfect” Search project be run?

After a few pints and small talk, Charlie said “Guys, what do you all reckon would be the best way to construct a large-scale enterprise search project?...Make sure you’ve got Ambassadors – people who really care, and promote, the project

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The Ones Most Adaptable to Change Survive.

Sustaining adequate quality control while assembling your electronic records management system (ERMS) is a huge piece of the implementation

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[Webinar] What Manufacturers Can Learn from Agile Retailers

Successful B2B and B2C retailers have embraced agile commerce as an end-to-end cultural shift. Understanding the processes retailers use to cut down item on-boarding time, enrich product content and prep it for merchandising across multiple channels can help manufacturers improve time-to-order...

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