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ERM Experts - we need your help!

As you read this post on the AIIM Electronic Records Management community, I figure you have an interest in ERM and the products associated. Likely chance you have experience with these products - now we need you to share these opinions in our 5 minute survey. If you are happy to help us...

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Are you a Thought Leader?

The term itself implies one must have thought before one can become a “Thought Leader” and since we all have thoughts, we must now explore the term in whole. In researching the term, I found reference that the term thought leader was first used in the mid-1990s by Joel Kurtzman,...

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Enterprise 2.0 In A Small Company

The company I work for is small, in the 1-25 employee category. We hardly qualify as an "Enterprise" but that hasn't meant that we haven't marched forward with our Enterprise 2.0 implementation and already realized benefits from it. We first set forward some realistic...

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Who’s Julie Gable and Why Should You Listen to Her?

First, I’m an independent consultant, which means that I don’t sell hardware or software and I don’t take finders fees from people who do. It allows me to be objective about what I see, specify, and recommend. My clients in pharmaceuticals, financial services, utilities, and...

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