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Metadata integration between SharePoint and Word

Everyone likes to use metadata for doing searching, sorting and filtering, but not many of us like to fill in metadata. Expecting that your users will fill in a large number of metadata would be naïve, unless for some very specific cases. Forcing the metadata upon them has the...

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The sad state of modern word processors

Anyone working with medium to long documents will probably agree with me on this: the currently available word processors are a long cry from being usable. If, like me, you need to write technical documentation, you’ve probably tried a few different options and none really fit your needs....

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How to conduct a needs analysis for electronic forms

One of the best ways to analyze and refine your electronic forms projects is to conduct a brief needs analysis to determine what forms are targets for optimization and which can be eliminated or discarded. At their core, most paper forms represent business processes, for example, applications. ...

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Office Web Apps

To me, Office Web Apps is one of the coolest things to happen to SharePoint in a long time. Users can now view and edit their Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint documents without ever leaving the browser. Of course this doesn’t get you off the hook for licensing. The end user stills need...

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Connecting E-Mail into Microsoft SharePoint

Connecting E-Mail into Microsoft SharePoint By Jacob Ukelson, chief technology officer of ActionBase Recently, we’ve focused on the concept of how organizations value the option to have follow-up, tracking and process management capabilities available with e-mail....

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