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8 reasons to abandon paper signatures

Since I work with electronic forms daily, one of the main questions that is asked by our customers is "what about the physical paper signature?". Since going paperless means not making paper, here are 8 reasons why you should abandon paper signatures forever. 1. The law...

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Reasons Why You May Need to Keep Some Paper Records After Digitization

In my first blog post last week, I talked about foundational requirements that, in my opinion, support maintaining trustworthy electronic records in lieu of paper - unless there is a specific requirement to maintain hard-copy. I mentioned, for example, UETA and the E-Signature Act in the US...

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Is It OK To Maintain Records ONLY in Electronic Format?

I’m often asked if it is OK to eliminate paper entirely from a record-keeping process and JUST maintain electronic records. Don’t we still have to keep the paper as well as digital images? Must we create and maintain paper to satisfy record-keeping requirements? You’ve likely...