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Be Pragmatic When Doing Information Governance

If I had to encapsulate in one word everything I’ve learned about doing IG and related disciplines over the last 20 odd years, it’s that you should be pragmatic. Being pragmatic doesn't mean being shoddy, either by solving the problem at hand in a way that hinders other...

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Part Two - StratML Toolkit & StratML Cloud

The vision of StratML is to build a worldwide web of intentions, stakeholders, and results. In Part Two of "StratML Toolkit & StratML Cloud", a follow-up to R. Russell Ruggiero's Part One, Ranjeeth Thunga maps out a series of visuals intended to illustrate specifically where...

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Stop Talking About SharePoint Governance

... and start ACHIEVING it. A lot of people have noticed been asking why I’ve been noticeably absent from discussion for the past few months. I can now unveil why I have been so crazy busy... I am honored to introduce you to the AIIM SharePoint Governance Toolkit. I have had...

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