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Discover the Power of Virtual Team Work

Now that computers are common in the workplace and companies have offices all across the globe, virtual teamwork has become the easiest and cheapest way of bringing people together to work on a project. While meeting together in person may be the best solution for teams who are located in the...

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Driving Social Technology Acceptance

Think about that statement for a moment. I heard someone recently that their organization is moving to “drive social acceptance” in the workplace. This to me sounds like trying to get your kids to eat something they don’t like. I know my kids would fold their arms and say ...

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1. Model the Way – Principle 2: Set the Example

Exemplary leaders lead the charge. You do this by setting the example . On a daily basis, you must be committed and engaged in action that demonstrates your beliefs are worthwhile living. Your first action is a collaborative approach where you build a consensus around the shared values of...

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