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How to Avoid Digital Disaster in Hurricane Season (and Beyond)

By Andrew Bailey, President, Cabinet Hurricanes and other natural disasters are traumatic enough. With power outages and the potential for damages to your home, the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your company. Just as we would protect our home and family, we...

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Going paperless: Cloud-based document management, or enterprise EDMS?

The cloud. It’s everywhere. From personal use of storing photos and music from our smart phones to syncing seamlessly with our desktops and laptops, it frees up a lot of storage space and eliminates the need for an external hard drive. But what does it mean for professionals who want to go...

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How to Select an ECM Vendor in 9 Steps

This post provides a proven 9-step process for selecting ECM software and implementers . Once you’ve clarified your Current State, defined your Future State, and planned your Roadmap, it’s time to select a solution and vendor. It seems like I’ve done this several hundred times...

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With more and more business-critical data arriving locked away in email attachments, businesses can’t afford not to automate the extraction process.

If you’ve been in business more than a few years, you remember the “old days.” Back then, important documents – invoices and applications, for example – came on paper, via the U.S. mail or courier. You opened an envelope, manually entered the information into...

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Taking Merger Integration All the Way to the Knowledge Bank (Part 2)

After three SharePoint migrations plus an acquisition and a merger thrown in for good measure I'm starting to believe that SharePoint integrations are a little like childbirth: if the mother honestly remembered the depth of her labor pains, there would be a lot more only-children in this...

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Come Together

Like Adam said to Eve; “Stand back, I’m not sure how big this thing’s gonna get.” Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking/ranting/blogging/tweeting about unstructured content, social business, systems of record (SOR), Systems of Engagement (SOE), mobile...

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Talking Governance, Risk, ECM, and Productivity

Two Guys Talking. A conversation between expert bloggers Chris Riley (to the left) and Dan O'Leary (right) about systems of engagement, systems of record, ECM, and how much is too much to worry about risk, compliance, and government. Chris, Dan, and I had a few...

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It’s the Users... An Old Story Repeated Many Times

How many times have we talked and written about making the User the center of attention when implementing a new technology? In several recent engagements, I’ve found that the implemented system has largely failed not because of the system, but because of user rejection. Some examples: ...

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