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Blinded by the “LIKE”: The Irrationality of Software Evangelists and Their Audiences

No one purposely buys software just to decorate their shelf, right? So why do teams struggle with tools like enterprise social software? Who is responsible for effective enterprise software implementations?

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Social is a Feature of Software You Already Use In Your Enterprise

The first reaction is a feeling that social software is casual, silly, for kids, a waste of time, a loss of productivity...Social software is, in fact, all of those things

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The Adoption Peak and why it’s not a good thing

The last couple of years have been thrilling times for social software within the enterprise. Several case studies showed the positive impact social software had on businesses around the world...The value does not arise from the social software itself

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This community is yours! Use it to increase the understanding of Enterprise 2.0 and Social Software.

Enterprise 2.0 or social software is (or should be) a key component of your business strategy from today forward

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Activity Streams Have Great Potential for Collaboration in Manufacturing

These days, activity streams seem to be popping up everywhere in enterprise tech as vendors rush to add social features to their software. Twitter and Facebook-like streams are even starting to gain traction in manufacturing software

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Enterprise 2.0: It's All About Trust

I’ve previously discussed how the issue at the heart of the enterprise social software debate is control...Now, we’re seeing a shift in organizations’ attitudes to social business software

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Social: the fabric of collaboration

With all the hype that has stemmed from the success of consumer services such as Facebook and Twitter, there is a lot of confusion about what social collaboration software is, and how it applies in a business context

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ECM plus Social and Mobile equals Smart Business Strategy

Glenn is the Product Marketing Manager at Hyland Software and has been in the IT industry for 12 years...Our customers span all of the vertical markets of Hyland Software and mimic the breakdown of those Hyland customers that have deployed on premises

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