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#ECMjam: Mobile Content and ECM

Join us on September 1 from 11-Noon EST for a tweet jam focused on how ECM enables mobile content...What is the key difference between Mobile Content Mgmt & “normal” Content Mgmt?

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What's on the top of your list for 2013 Priorities?

Concept Searching’s Smart Content Framework™, which is supported by automatic semantic metadata tagging, auto-classification, and taxonomy management technologies can be readily extended to not only improve search, but records management, data privacy, migration, and text analytics

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Smartphone or SmartUser

When asked about Smartphone use other than for phone calls, 93% or approximately 99 million users said they use it to access content and information. 59% use it to access the internet and 58% to access their emails. In this case, content and information is defined as weather, news, sports and finance among the list with weather being the number one. This report also shows that content consumption dominates Smartphone use with more than 93% indicating they access content and information regularly and 50% of those, daily. In my view, while this report demonstrates the growth of Smartphones and Smartphone use, and though the reference to content and information may be slightly different than our industry, the indication is clear and that is Smartphones are here and their popularity is strongly on the rise

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BYOD - Run What Ya Brung

What it means is that unless my job changes I am going to have to be content with running multiple devices to get my job done

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Taking a Dive into Mobile Computing

My talk covered the current trends in data capture, imaging, and mobile content management, and what opportunities are available for the enterprise

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