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SharePoint Saturday: A User Community Like No Other

Heading into SharePoint Saturday #4 | Boston tomorrow and as always, I look forward to partaking in the festivities and learning. For the “un-enlightened”, SharePoint Saturdays is a unique phenomena in the technology world like no other I have experienced. In a nutshell, a bunch of SharePoint experts walk/bus/bike/fly/drive to exotic (and not such exotic ) locations to participate in a mini conference on SharePoint…all on a Saturday

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The Recruiters are Coming, The Recruiters are Coming

I have noticed recruiters at SharePoint Saturday and other events before, but this last weekend at the SharePoint Saturday event in Los Angeles I saw at least three different firms chatting up the attendees

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Einstein on SharePoint

” – Albert Einstein One of the main takeaways from this past weekend’s SharePoint Saturday The Conference in Annandale, VA is the discussion of SharePoint for SharePoint’s sake

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