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Wanted: Information Management Policies

Under System Administration: tasks, documentation, policies like disaster recovery, hardware and change management Portal Administration: the same, but instead of geographic locations, the appropriate way to document releases and upgrades are discussed And content management appears under the extranet. Application usage skirts information management and concludes with an open call for volunteers to be SharePoint administrators (!): Site provisioning Site management Storage quotas Document management Content management For inspiration, I turned to my own library of SharePoint 2007 manuals that I bought beginning that year

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SPC14 Results: 3 Reasons the SharePoint On-Premise roadmap has changed to a severe O365 warning

With all these changes I'm going to try to summarize how SPC14 will change SharePoint On-Premise's future

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This requires some thought and a strong content management practices with a supporting environment that provides a single source for all content that is accessible by all who are authorized. It means we should consider what might be considered by some, a purist content management approach in that we do not write documents, we assemble documents using elements of content that is already written

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SharePoint: A Point of Confusion

Recent AIIM Research reveals that the rapid adoption rate for SharePoint has created confusion in many organizations regarding their future strategy for information management,particularly those with existing and established ECM (Enterprise Content Management), RM (Records Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) systems

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Governance for Dunces

Governance -- you can't come within a custom webpart of a SharePoint best practice webinar without the presenter drumming the governance refrain into every PMO ("program management office") slide

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Issues with using SharePoint 2010 for Records Management

If SharePoint is to be able to meet these requirements customization or third party Records Management solutions are needed

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