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Social Business – It is not just about technology!

Transforming your business and culture using social computing software Join Vinicius da Costa, Associate Director for Collaboration and Social Business with Kraft Foods, and Doug Caywood, Industry Manager of Microsoft’s US Consumer Goods industry organization, for this one hour webinar on Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 2:00 pm EST. Click here to Register Kraft Foods is in the middle of a dramatic transformation to embed innovation into every aspect of its business

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Social Business Virtual Event: Andy MacMillan, Today's Successful Businesses are Social Businesses

Oracle is a proud sponsor of the AIIM Social Business Virtual Conference scheduled for September 8, 2011. What is a Social Business Virtual Conference?

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Social Business 1.0

UPS once had an ad campaign that featured the tag line “ moving at the speed of business ” – I think they were unintentionally correct. Sometimes, business appears to be the lumbering truck crawling along the back roads just as often as it is the 747 moving stuff from China overnight

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AIIM Social Business Infographic

AIIM's Full Social Business Report can be found here: #infographic #SocialBusiness #AIIM #sweeeeeet

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The Social Business World

My colleage, Carmela Wong, sits on the AIIM Social Business TaskForce, and I'd like to welcome her to the AIIM Community Blog to discuss ABBYY’s view on this everchanging world of social business

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New social business roadmap available

I am pleased to announce that today AIIM released the social business roadmap . The roadmap was developed to help organizations understand how to implement social processes and technologies quickly, responsibly, and in support of a business purpose

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