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SEC Makes the Rules; Doesn't Follow Them

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) plays a major role in the regulation of America’s financial system – a business based on content. It’s no surprise that the SEC has been instrumental in some of the regulations that affect the content and records management industry...

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Why Govt Websites Should Be Archived

Websites have become an integral part of every modern organization, including the government. Every day, a constant stream of information is being posted on the web. For government, every data published is considered as a Public Record, which by law should be retained and disclosed to the...

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Hopeless? Records Management for Email

Is it ever going to be possible to manage emails as records? I’m beginning to wonder. There are at least five viewpoints regarding the purpose, value, threat and burden of email, each with its own set of concerns, parameters and possible solutions. With new, cheap SaaS email offerings...

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Practice makes perfect!

If you have ever attended one of my classes or heard me speak at an event, one of the things you will consistently hear is my mantra about practice. In ECM, BPM, ERM or whatever segment you wish to discuss, the bottom line is you cannot drop technology into place and leave it. The introduction...

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Technology, As Ever, Isn't the Answer

**Views expressed in this blog are my personal views and not those of my employer. Any reference to any living person or organisation, past or present, is entirely co-incidental** When they realised technology alone was never going to be the answer it was too late…. So, the...

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