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When it Comes to Information Management With SharePoint, You Get What You Want

Once again I raise my opinionated head to write something just before the big show. Of course the big show I refer to in this instance is none other than SharePoint Conference 2014 (SPC 2014). On the topic of big I wanted to discuss something I have been discussing for the last seven years:...

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Adding ECM to Accounts Payable Processes: An Introduction

This post provides a crisp overview of ECM for AP processes and offers some advice about your AP roadmap. I often use Accounts Payable (AP) processes as a measuring stick to see how ECM will fit an organization. It’s true that AP processes can be quite complex, embedded in a full ...

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An ECM-ERP Reference Model (Which Explains Why Hyland Bought AnyDoc)

Here’s the reference model we use to explain how ECM works with ERP systems to improve Accounts Payable (AP) and other processes. The reference model here is specifically for AP but it can apply to many similar processes. It breaks the process down into 9 different activities, requiring...

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What is the Future of the SharePoint Community

Every community has a lifecycle. I have been a part of numerous communities and tribes over the years. Certainly from the youth sports I participated in and also from a professional level with the Unix, Novell and Microsoft communities. I’m still an active part of quite...

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Set my content free!

Just completed an AIIM White Paper called “Content Access – maximizing availability across the enterprise” (download here ). It was actually triggered by a remark from Perceptive Software that most greenfield sites for ECM already have their content electronically saved and...

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Microsoft, SAP Reinforce Importance of Interoperability by Reprising ‘Duet’

There’s a line in the 1987 movie “Broadcast News” in which Holly Hunter responds to the snide put-down “It must be nice to always believe you know better, to always think you're the smartest person in the room” by saying, “No; it’s awful!” ...

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