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The Double-Edged Sword Of ROI In Information Governance

ROI is a double-edged sword, with one edge being maximizing Return on Investment and the other edge being reducing the Risk of Indictment. Information can be an organization’s most valuable asset and one of its deadliest

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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure?

In an article in the San Francisco Chronicle last week, “PG&E admitted that it would never be able to find all records for about one-third of its 1,800-plus miles of urban gas-transmission pipes

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Book of PHIGs - Introduction Draft

Anyways, here’s a draft of the introduction to my as yet untitled book of PHIGs

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A Simple Model for Information Governance, Part 3 of 3

Introduction In the previous installments (January 17 and January 26, 2014), I discussed my difficulties with the current definitions of “Information Governance,” a hierarchical view of Governance and Management, and the nature of the activities at each level

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Talking Governance, Risk, ECM, and Productivity

A conversation between expert bloggers Chris Riley (to the left) and Dan O'Leary (right) about systems of engagement, systems of record, ECM, and how much is too much to worry about risk, compliance, and government

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