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Applying Records Management to User-Generated “Social” Content

How can we apply records management principles to these types of content?...The answer to the first question is that records management principles most definitely should be applied to social content

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The Double-Edged Sword Of ROI In Information Governance

Because of this, the advice that I gave to my friend is that the first task in starting an information governance program is to assess two areas 1)Where can value be gained from information and 2)What information management areas are posing a risk in an instance of e-discovery or litigation

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A Simple Model for Information Governance, Part 3 of 3

The Board measures revenues and expenses, as reported by Management and confirmed by Audit...Management measures as well, but in more detail

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PG&E Pays the Penalty for Poor Record Keeping - Again

f=/c/a/2011/06/20/BAV01K0AL8.DTL#ixzz1Pvja5D4E Bud Porter-Roth #ROI #ScanningandCapture #Scanning #documentimaging #Records-Management #Risk #ElectronicRecordsManagement

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