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How do YOU define Information Governance?

In a recent webinar, the speakers, Steve Weissman , Greg Clark of OpenText and I, were discussing Information Governance and what all that means. But we thought it best to ask the audience what they thought Information Governance meant. Before you get absorbed in reading the replies, here are...

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To Support or Not Support the DoD 5015.2 Standard (Some pet peeves and views on the debate from a RIM practitioner’s perspective)

I’ve recently read again the post by Don Lueders in AIIM Expert blog space and the counterpoint by Mark Mandel. Having attempted to post some rather long responses to both I found there is a word limit, so I had to edit them rather severly. This editing resulted in some lack of logical...

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ECM Holiday Wishes and New Year Pledges

This article is co-authored by Norman Weiner, SVP, Technology Services, Kaizen InfoSource. The holiday season is an opportunity to reflect on personal and professional accomplishments and challenges of the past year, and an opportunity to turn pledges into action items for the coming year...

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The Information Media Continuum

When will we all become paperless? Never! Despite being a proponent of managing and storing records in electronic format (most of the time), I am continually amazed at the solid entrenchment of paper as an information creation, storage, and management media. Most of us making our living in a ...

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The Theory of Relative Simplicity

I once read Albert Einstein had a closet full of the same suits, shirts, ties and shoes. He felt having to choose what to wear each day cluttered the mind with meaningless thoughts and decisions. However, I have recently read that this is not completely accurate. It appears he also had an...

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Consulting Redux

About 7 years ago I left the world of consulting and outsourcing management to join the wacky, wonderful world of being an in-house practitioner. I always loved the speed and variety of consulting, and knew I’d be back one day, but also knew I wanted to “walk the walk” for a...

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Information in Enterprise 2.0 : Volume Management and Flow Control required

2020: 35 million Zettabyte information available (1.2 Zettabyte in 2010), that means a lot! In 2020, days will always be 24 hours long and as anyone doesn’t agree to spend all his time to "browse" the internet, there is still a lot to do for controling the volume...

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