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How do YOU define Information Governance?

In a recent webinar, the speakers, Steve Weissman , Greg Clark of OpenText and I, were discussing Information Governance and what all that means. But we thought it best to ask the audience what they thought Information Governance meant

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Amending Oleson & Wagner’s 2007 SharePoint governance plan from a Records perspective (Part 2)

I often find myself looking at a records system for what’s NOT captured therein. When I find the gaping holes, I try to determine why--especially without directly asking why. Firewalls amongst departments and functions? Political silos driven by personality conflicts amongst department...

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Managing Half the Picture

I know some of you will be shocked to learn that paper has not gone away as was predicted over 10 years ago. Even the volume of paper has not decreased, but rather electronic information has increased alongside the paper due to the ease and speed in which we create information has improved. ...

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Information Hoarding: Best Practice for Managing Retention?

According to a Symantec survey of 1,680 IT pros and legal executives in 26 countries, 75% of backup data are retained infinitely or kept for legal holds. In addition 25% of the data backed up is not needed for business or should not be saved. (Also called out is that nearly half of the...

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Information in Enterprise 2.0 : Volume Management and Flow Control required

Enterprise 2.0, you, me, as everyone, from going to "tame" and control the huge amount of information available: assessing its production and consumption of content to keep only the most relevant in terms of use value, legal (legal) and heritage (the rest will retrieved on demand) by accurately identifying targets or collaborative spaces for disseminating some relevant content with the best schedule #bestpractice #enterprise2.0 #information governance #ContentManagement #RIM #ECM #Records-Management #information governance #informationmanagement #ECMe20contentmanagement

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ECM Holiday Wishes and New Year Pledges

RIM must provide governance, policy, and rules to determine if information is business records or convenience information

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