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Modifying People Search Results

If you want to change how the people search result look, you are going to have to delve into the world of XSL...Now you can go to your people search results page and open it in advanced mode

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Not so ... FAST

Down in the boiler room here's where I'm not feeling the love yet: Unless you've been limping along with native SharePoint search, there are no out-of-the-box gratifications here Any looming leaps forward require some heavy off-UI scripting Testing those improvements requires a crawl cycle that defies the real-time response necessary to tweak a search platform effectively Oh, and the users?

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Building a Collaborative Culture

Skype, MS Live Meeting) Digital Asset Management for images Enterprise Search Figure: Social Profiles inside EA – Fun, Creative and Informative Summary In summary, each company has an opportunity to define, develop and nurture its own collaborative culture

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Enterprise 2.0 Tweetjam: Summary and complete discussion

E1.0 orgs don't understand this #e2j infocloud : @jessewilkins Q8 serious problems using FB as model as misses most basic biz needs - basic finding, refinding, search, and discussions #e2j jmancini77 : Before we get to the end, really want to thank everyone for this - what fun

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