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Romney Wins by Eight (Paper) Votes

“They thought there was a computer glitch in Des Moines, …” ( ) Suddenly, with some scrambling through trash cans according to some accounts, the ballots were found, and re-reported to the central coordinating election organization

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The cloud sync tower of Babel

Also, I want to make sure that I can synchronize these documents between my work and home office computers, without the hassle of copying them back and forth using USB drives

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SharePoint by Way of ECM

Prior to my consulting experience I engaged in technology management for R&D divisions of major pharmaceutical companies and network design for health care systems

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Does the Social Web Benefit any Organization? Absolutely - If they are Smart

Take the Social Web Inward Thinking of social technologies exclusively in the realm of customer service within popular commercial web networks definitely limits the utility that is available for any business

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Digital Signatures: We’re Open, They’re Closed

For example, IEEE 802.5 is the standard for Token Ring networking

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Be careful who you trust with your data !

Sometimes, you might also think that data is more secure in a third party but in reality it is not: examples such as the Microsoft Sidekick contacts loss or the Sony Playstation network hacks (25 millions users affected !)

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